How to intentionally manage inclusion in a Hybrid Work Environment?

What are the key lessons coming from neuroscience, psychology, teams experience of the last 12 months of COVID-19 disruption❓

This is all from the webcast with Alice Breeden and Alex Libson from Heidrick Consulting and even more:

The gains we have made on being remote:
✅73% employees want to stay remote
✅46% remote workers are planning to move this year
✅66% leaders are considering redesigning physical space to better accomodate hybrid work environments
✅44% people would take a pay cut to work from home forever‼️

However, there are also groups suffering from remote work – such as working moms🎯or parents in general🎯, employees with limited internet access🎯, introverts🎯or people who cannot speak up to protect their work-life balance🎯

How to be an inclusive leader?

Self Awareness, Curisity, Courage, Vulnerability, Empathy, Agility are key #NewCompetencies

🅰️Agility means scanning the environemt for fresh ideas and rethinking your values, learnings, needs ensuring that a whole team participates and talking the challenge together.

One of my tips from last week: silent brainstorming gives space for all (including introverts) to share their thoughts.

How do you support integrity in your Team❓