Do you know that the workplace of the future will be more human-centric than ever?

72% of the employees want to continue working from home on a regular basis
75% are expecting their company to support their work at home
70% are in favor of a hybrid model, considering that the office is the perfect place for team building, management support and carrying out a complex tasks, creating a sense of community.

There is also a need for new spaces dedicated to focused individual work, learning &development, spaces connected with nature🍀

The crisis has driven employees to rethink their priorities, with a renewed focus on quality of life, human interactions and personal values.

Shifting priorities (TOP 7):
✅Commuting less, working and living locally and consciously
✅Working in a company that ensures my physical and mental health
✅Having a great work-life balance, spending more time with my family
✅Feeling connected to my work community
✅Being offered a healthy lifestyle
✅Living memorable moments with my colleagues ‘in real life’
✅Finding a sense of purpose in my work

Are you ready to reimagine human experience in your workspace?

Source: JLL Global Research