Is your Company ready for the future of hybrid work?

What are the key HR challenges in a hybrid work? How to overcome them?

Challenge 1: Equity, psychological safety and inclusion
➡️Leaders should role model working from home part of the time to send the message that remote work is considered just as valuable as in-person work.
➡️HR leaders should track promotion rates and examine whether there’s a disparity between remote and in-office employees.

Challenge 2: Burnout
➡️Others have established Zoom-free Fridays to battle video fatigue, scheduled meeting-free time for focused work and used tools for informal coffee chats and personal interactions.

Challenge 3: Innovation
➡️Many studies have shown that virtual collaboration has the capacity to foster innovation, due in part to increased anonymity and the use of technology to brainstorm.

Lucy Helms, former CHRO of Starbucks: “Leading hybrid teams is harder, and the HR team’s next important task is equipping managers to meet that challenge.”

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Source: Spencer Steward