McKinsey’s report on a hybrid workplace model

As the CEO, you should consider the latest McKinsey’s report on a hybrid workplace model:

🎯Many organizations have announced a general intent to embrace hybrid virtual work going forward, but too few of them, have shared detailed guidelines, policies, expectations.

🎯The lack of remote-relevant specifics is leaving employees anxious.

🎯Anxiety decreases work performance, reduce job satisfaction and negatively affect relationships with colleagues.
It also contributes to employee burnout.

🎯The companies need to communicate more frequently with their employees—even if their plans have yet to solidify fully.

🎯Organization that have articulated more specific policies and approaches for the future workplace have seen employee well-being and productivity rise.

🎯A hybrid model can help organizations retain best #talents, lower costs, and strengthen organizational performance.

What do your employees know about the future of hybrid work❓
Are they involved in your ‚return to the office’ plans❓

Link to the full report